About Us

About Us

Founder Amit Verma and Co-founder Ritu Verma founded one of the leading jewellery brands with all superior quality accessories, Roop Jewellers, in the year 2006, in one of the ravishing corners of the capital city of India - Southwest Delhi. With the assurance of 100% Certified Diamond Jewellery, Roop Jewellers ensures that our customers get the best and never step out of our store carrying disappointment.
Our 925 sterling silver collection offers jewellery designs for everyday wear, whereas the gold accessories that we offer are such that will make you look wow. Overall, we ensure that our jewellery meets every customer’s needs. At Roop Jewellers, we cater to a diverse range of tastes and budgets. Each piece is ensured to go under a stringent check of purity and art before getting delivered to your doorstep so that you get completely IGI-certified jewellery with no hassle and stress.

Our Mission

At Roop Jewellers, we believe in providing a one-stop shop for all your jewellery needs. Our long-term agenda is to expand our horizons, providing a plethora of designs to our customers with endless options to choose. We, as a team, ensure that all our customers receive only the best out the ornaments so that they can excel the way they look. Come, explore the world of Roop Jewellers, and discover the perfect piece to express yourself.

Our Vision

We look forward to providing each individual with 100% truest form of jewellery, along with the earliest delivery possible. Roop Jewellers carries IGI-certified jewellery that ensures the authenticity and superior quality of the gemstones. We have a wide variety of BIS Hallmarked gold jewellery, so no chance of any impure or fake ornaments exists at our store. We deal with 100% real gold, silver and diamonds. So, no matter if you’ve got delicate chains, statement pendants or a bold rings collection - we have something for everyone to shine.
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